Tank Repair & Maintenance

Corrosion, natural deterioration, or damage from wind, fire or sinking of floating roofs necessitate routine maintenance service as well as special repairs and replacements. ASI has the expertise, experience, and technology to quickly spot problem areas and swiftly initiate corrective action.  And our inspectors believe an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, always seeking to identify and remedy potential causes of failure before they require major repairs.

ASI offers a wide range of tank services, all performed under the guidance of API 653.

  • Bottom replacements
  • Shell repairs
  • Fixed and floating roof repairs & replacements
  • Tank re-leveling
  • Fittings and appurtenances
  • Secondary containment tank bottoms & systems
  • Floating roof drain systems
  • Cone roof & structure repair & replacements
  • Sunken or collapsed floating roof repairs
  • Stairways, handrails, & platforms
  • Out-of-round or buckled tank shell repairs
  • Floating roof tank conversions
  • Fire-fighting foam systems
  • Internal and external floating roof installations & repairs
  • Shell nozzles, manways & appurtenances
  • Rolling ladders and stair treads
  • Tank relocation
  • Tank jacking and leveling
  • Tank foundations
  • Cathodic protection & leak detection
  • Special design & engineering work
  • Specialty fabrication & construction project work